By Appointment

In Person Counselling:


  • Contact me to book an appointment
  • Make payment via EFT, Payfast or pay after your session
  • Have a confirmed date & time
  • Receive a map pin for location

Online Counselling:


  • Contact me to book an appointment
  • You will need a cell phone, tablet or laptop with sufficient wifi/ data for each session
  • Make payment via EFT or Payfast
  • Have a confirmed date & time
  • I will send a secure zoom link for each session
  • Or I will initiate the whattsapp video call

E-Mail Counselling:


  • Contact me
  • You will need an e-mail connection on a device able to send & receive e-mails
  • Make payment via EFT or Payfast
  • I will initiate the e-mail
  • We will correspond via e-mail

WhatsApp Calling or Telephone Counselling:


  • Contact me to book an appointment
  • For whattsapp calling you will need a cellphone with sufficient wifi/ data for the duration of the call
  • For Telephone calling you will need a phone or cell phone to receive a call on
  • Make payment via EFT or Payfast
  • Have a confirmed date & time
  • I will initiate the call to you

Experience help

Experience & Accreditation


Counselling Qualification with distinction from Blackford Counselling Institute, UK

Trauma Debriefing Certificate from Flomotion, Florida, Jhb

Victim Support Counsellor Certificate of Appreciation from Fairland Community Police Forum, Jhb

Cancer Buddy Certificate from PLWC (People Living with Cancer), Houghton, Jhb  

Colon Symposium Certificate from Centre for Digestive Disease and Liver Health, Bryanston, Jhb

Wellness Coaching Approach to Covid-19 & Infection Prevention Certificate from ASCHP, Pretoria

Victim Support Counsellor Experience for Fairland SAPS & Community Police Forum, Jhb

Volunteer & Experience working with children at St Laurence’s Children’s Haven, Discovery, Jhb

Volunteer, Counsellor & Ambassador for CANSA Westrand, Jhb

Cancer Survivor & Motivator


I am Accredited and registered as a Holistic Counsellor (Reg No: HC2020/658) by the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP), recognised Association for Counsellors (ID 984) in South Africa.

The ASCHP is affiliated to the Council for Counsellors and the Natural Healers Association and fulfills functions in accordance with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This is a legally constituted body governed by constitution to practice with listed designations on the National Qualifications Framework (Act 67 of 2008).

My Counselling Diploma is endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme, the ABC is a UK government regulated accrediting body.

Recommendations from Professionals:


“Lorraine certainly has the necessary characteristics and ”magic” that being a counsellor requires. She is very empathetic, whilst at the same time being analytical. She has travelled a journey with herself, healing her past wounds and as a result has truly stepped into herself and into her power. I believe this is an absolute requirement for being an excellent counsellor.”

from Clinical Psychologist!


“Lorraine is a kind and compassionate therapist, she is passionate about helping people. I truly believe this is her life’s work.”

from Trauma Counsellor!


            Difficult roads . . . .

Diff Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations

lead to beautiful destinations!