About My Counselling Practice

Specialising in Counselling for Depression, Relationships, Grief, Cancer and other General Counselling needs. My practice offers a safe space in a tranquil environment, where you may open up, talk over your problems and together we find solutions.


Rather than using a traditional counselling approach to treat just the mental symptoms, I use a Holistic Counselling approach to assess you as a whole person. I look at underlying reasons and causes for your distress, taking into consideration physical, social and emotional aspects of your life in order to find healing.   


As people we have a natural tendency to focus on moving forward to achieve our full potential, however certain events can create obstacles in our path and prevent us from enjoying life. We need to accept our set-backs, realising and appreciating our individuality and strength to overcome these to be able to refocus and move forward again.


Holistic counselling helps you to develop self-awareness and self-acceptance to empower yourself to develop skills and find sustainable strategies towards emotional health. 


My Counselling Services Offered:  In-Person, Online, Telephone, WhatsApp or E-mail.


Natural Stress Relieving Ways

Relaxation Meditation Mindfulness
Is a practice that reduces the effects of stress on your mind and body. Relaxation techniques can help you to cope with everyday stress and with stress related to various health conditions. Is mental training that involves relaxation focus and your awareness. Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body. Is maintaining moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts feelings bodily sensations and surroundings. By tuning into the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.

Client Reviews:

”I’ve been down a very rough road, I was drug addicted, heart-broken and lost for a very long time.  It almost seemed impossible for me to break the monotonous cycle that had become my life. I’m happy to say now that I’m a lot stronger as a human being now than I was then through the practical support and ear of Lorraine. 


She helped me a great deal get through a bad break up too, where I almost felt crippled by the anxiety and sadness that had taken hold of my heart but through applying her ideas i’ve managed to put into place effective coping mechanisms that to this day now help me progress instead of going backwards. 

Thanks so much Lorraine!“


From Client


Lorraine was so kind, compassionate and patient with my mom after my dads passing earlier this year. She really helped with useful ways to control her stress levels and helped her understand that what she was feeling was the natural process of grief and that she wasn’t alone. Thank you Lorraine

From Client’s Daughter

”Lorraine has a way of changing my perspective so that life’s possibilities open up tremendously, I was trapped in this narcissistic relationship and felt that I was in need of my husband’s approval all the time.  Lorraine helped me to realise that I am my own person and I do not need anybody’s approval to feel good about myself.


Lorraine helped me to navigate through a divorce while providing gentle guidance in my personal discovery and re-definition of myself and self-worth.


I am very thankful for working with Lorraine to help me overcome a traumatic experience.  It was something I could not do or think about without becoming extremely emotional!“


From Client