Counselling Services Offered:


Personal Problems Depression and Anxiety Relationship Conflicts
Workplace Pressures Crisis and Trauma Distress Stress and Burnout
Financial Worry Pain from Grief or Loss Cancer Despair
Life Skills Coaching Health & Wellness Guidance Reminiscence Therapy

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Counselling R300 per Session


can be devastating, it affects your body, mood, behaviour and thoughts. It is not a sign of weakness or failure and it’s not something that can be changed overnight. Therapy can help you get to know yourself better, clarify issues that matter and develop your potential. It gives you the opportunity to work on your problem solving abilities and develop coping skills for things which cannot be changed


troubled relationships may be improved, allowing you to break free from old patterns of behaviour to enable you to relate more positively to those around you. Therapy can provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment to help you identify issues or problems in a relationship and find a way through those difficulties


is common after an extreme or distressing experience, you may feel intense feelings of worry or fear, accompanied by acute physical signs. Anxiety may affect your mental health and flood and overwhelm your senses everyday. Therapy can help you with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias by giving you ways of dealing with situations as they occur and exploring the cause of your feelings


the finality of loss is one of the most difficult transitions we need to confront. Loss may be loss of health, a beloved pet, phases of life, work, relationships or loss of a child. Many emotions are experienced in grief and it is not possible to remove the pain of loss. Therapy may help by enabling a person to work out their individual path to create a life beyond this experience.